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What do I use to cool down? Are iced drinks the answer? Or, is iced water to be avoided? I even read a social media post this morning demonising iced water... Seriously??
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30 Sep 2021, Posted by Angela in FYS News
Glass of iced water with slices or lime and a sprig of rosemary on a chopping board

Here in Mallorca, like most of the Mediterranean, we are in a heatwave. It is seriously hot and when I step outside it feels like I’m in a sauna. Even walking my dog in the evening after the sun goes down is sweaty work.

What do I use to cool down? Are iced drinks the answer? Or, is iced water to be avoided?  I even read a social media post this morning demonising iced water… Seriously??

What does the evidence say?
Most of the research on this has been done in athletes. As we saw in the Tokyo Olympics heat and cooling strategies make a big difference for athletic performance. While there isn’t a tonne of research, the top line is this:

  • – Ice cold water may leave the stomach faster, which may imply it is slightly more hydrating
  • – Some studies show drinking iced water can delay sweating (and therefore fluid loss)
  • – But drinking iced water doesn’t have a clear effect on core body temperature
  • – There are A LOT of variables, for example, the type of heat (dry vs humid) or the individuals´ metabolism
  • – Some people, but by no means all, find that ice-cold food or drink can trigger a headache

What is the take out?
The most important thing for our health when it is hot is to stay hydrated. Whichever temperature of water you prefer will make it easier for you to stay hydrated. So pick your preference and just drink!

I find that cold drinks, whether iced water or something like a juice or kombucha are as refreshing mentally as physically. I drink a mixture of filtered water (room temperature) and herbal teas throughout the day and during exercise I add a little salt to my water and maybe a squeeze of lemon.

More of tips on staying hydrated:

  • – Drink 2 glasses of water on waking
  • – Continue to drink a glass every hour. It is much easier to stay hydrated that way.
  • – Sip water by all means through meals, but don’t have too much before or after a meal as it can dilute your digestive enzymes
  • – If you are doing any sports in the heat, add a pinch of salt to your water to help you stay hydrated (my simple, at-home electrolyte drink is to add about ½ teaspoon of salt to a litre of water)
  • – Adding slices of ginger, lemon or a sprig of Rosemary is a great way to add more phytonutrients, make the water tastier and adds a few solutes which work like electrolytes.

In health and happiness

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