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Continuing with my love of supporting small independents this Christmas, I have put together a hand picked list of small businesses whose collections I can personally recommend for their skincare and lifestyle products. Fabulous gifts for your friends and family or even yourself.
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17 Dec 2020, Posted by Angela in FYS News

Continuing with my love of supporting small independents this Christmas, I have put together a hand picked list of small businesses whose collections I can personally recommend for their skincare and lifestyle products.  Fabulous gifts for your friends and family or even yourself.

Tropic Skin Care 
In my Food for Thought programme I talk about the simple steps we can take to reduce the toxicity load in our body.  One of which is switching to skin care products that don’t contain any of the nasties.
There are many of these brands available now but the one I am a fan of is Tropic. It seems to have a really good company ethos plus the products I have tried are brilliant. I particularly love their body scrub and my mum loved the signature hand lotion I bought her last year.
Great for stocking fillers or a self-care treat.



Perrera Dogs UK
A dog is for life, not just for Christmas so I am certainly not advocating a puppy for Christmas. If you did, however, you would be gifting your microbiome yet more diversity as pet owners are thought to have more diverse microbiomes than non-pet owners.
Many of you will know my dog and faithful companion Maude was a rescue pup. She has been a game-changer for me and is a total joy. There are so many abandoned dogs across Europe so please consider supporting one of the charities that cares for them or, indeed, consider adopting a dog from such a place. A very dear friend of mine is a foster mum for this charity and I know they are very reputable.
A gift for your microbiome diversity and a good home for a rescue pup.


Tales from Apple Tree House
A Christmas Wreath is the very best of Christmas decorations adding colour and scent to the festivities. My lovely friend Anna from Tales from Apple Tree House has a brilliant “make your own wreath” kit idea. Sadly, it is not possible to send all the live foliage to me in Spain, but I am collecting what I need locally and will be following her instructions. Check her out on Instagram too.
Make your own wreath to add colour and scent to your home this Christmas.


Owl Apothecary
Finding your relaxation and wellbeing rituals is key to having a peaceful time at Christmas. My gorgeous friend Katy from Owl Apothecary has a wonderful array of unique witchery ideas. I have gifted her candles and crystals to people over the years.
Great for stocking fillers or a relaxation treat.


And last and certainly not least…
Both Indigowares and FWP by Rae  are genuinely small businesses, promoters of slow fashion and advocators of organic cotton (there are a lot of chemicals used in cotton production). Set up by dear friends of mine from my London days, both super-stylish and I absolutely love and vouch for their products.
We all know a little retail therapy can be soothing to the soul.  



In health and festive happiness

Ange X

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