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myh-hyman-diulusFat is NOT the Enemy

There’s still so much confusion and misinformation out there about FAT, both the fat on our bodies and the fats we eat. You’ve been told that eating fat makes you fat — and increases your risk for heart disease and other chronic illnesses — but fat is NOT the enemy. The truth is: eating MORE FAT can help shut down cravings, accelerate weight loss and potentially prevent or reverse disease!

Join Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Carrie Diulus, and over 30 of the world’s top experts as they dispel the biggest MYTHS about fat, and reveal the latest research about how to eat, move and supplement your diet for improved health and longevity!

The first Fat Summit was a major hit, so we’re back with 30+ brand NEW interviews during which you’ll discover even more about…

• Biohacking your biology and weight loss with healthy fats
• Truths about saturated fat, cholesterol, butter, sugar, carbs and more
• Review and discussion of the latest articles on fat and weight loss
• Digestion of fats through supplementation
• Effects of dietary fat on fertility
• Importance of community for making/sustaining healthy lifestyle choices
• How eating more fat complements/combats other dietary approaches
• Best practices for maintaining your weight and healthy eating habits

fat16_logo-500wPlease visit Fat Summit if you would like more information and check out their free gifts.

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