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27 Apr 2021, Posted by Angela in FYS Recipes

This week in my “pimping” series I thought I would cover salads.  But salads are always “healthy” aren’t they? Yes. And no! Let me explain…

For a meal to be healthy it needs to give your body and brain what it needs.  The fuel, the resources and the information for your body and brain to get to work.

Often when I work with people during my Food for Thought programme we quickly realise that the salad they are eating for lunch is not giving them the right kind of fuel, resources or information to meet their needs. As a result they don’t have the energy, the focus or the concentration they deserve.

Head to my blog for some simple ways to ensure your salad is giving you what you need.

One way is to pimp your dressings
Dressings are a brilliant way to add in some diversity and colour with herbs and spices (as well as providing the good fats).

Print off to use later - Don't forget to adjust the servings if required.
Quartered pomegranate and seeds
Quartered pomegranate and seeds
  1. You can either blend them in a machine blender or just put all the ingredients in a jar and shake vigorously. If the latter, make sure the garlic and ginger are well diced to avoid large chunks!
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