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Podcast that celebrates a generation that is reinventing what it means to age introducing the concept of biological vs chronological age, talking with Dr Kara Fitzgerald about her book Younger You and why methylation is a key to future proofing your brain and why I focus on it in my Food for Thought programme
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07 Feb 2022, Posted by Angela in FYS News
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My brand-new podcast, Pioneers of Ageing, is LIVE!

It is the podcast that celebrates a generation that is reinventing what it means to age. I co-host the podcast with a very dear friend Rebecca Rhodes who I´ve known since we were teenagers.

The first episode is now live on all the usual podcast platforms. Just search for “Pioneers of Ageing Podcast” or you can access it through Spotify or Apple / iTunes here:

We will be dropping new episodes at least every 2 weeks and have a brilliant line up of guests. Scientists, film directors,  doctors, authors, entrepreneurs, naturopaths, brand strategists and visionaries.Our first guest is Dr Kara Fitzgerald who talks about her brand new (must read) book Younger YouWe talk about what actually happens when we age. Kara explains, in simple to understand terms, about the changes going on in our epigenetics, such as DNA methylation. She shares insight from her research that has demonstrated how a very do-able diet and lifestyle plan can actually REVERSE biological age by over 3 years in just 8 weeks. Kara has been a friend and mentor to me throughout my nutrition career and she is an incredible human! I have mentioned her and her work a couple of times here so some of you may be familiar with her.Her new book is brilliant, I highly recommend it. In fact, we have a competition running this week on the Pioneers of Ageing Instagram account to WIN a copy of the book. Head over to Pioneers of Ageing to find out more.

The concept of Biological Age (vs chronological age) is a fascinating one.
In Kara’s research they measured biological age with the latest DNA test. She has also created a very cool tool to self-asses your biological age (BASA) based on current habits and some biometrics. You can access the survey here.

How to use the results of the BASA 
As insight and awareness. If your bio age is lower than your real age, great, you are on the right track with your habits. If your bio age is higher than your real age maybe that’s the nudge to look at changing some of those habits.
Reading Kara’s book would be a great first step. You could also look at my Food for Thought Foundation programme.
Kara’s work is a brilliant example of why methylation is a key to future proofing your brain and why I focus on it in my Food for Thought programme.  In fact, we will be covering methylation and learnings from the Younger You book and research in my next drop-in class in the FFT community so if you are tempted to join the programme, now is a great time to make sure you don’t miss out on that.
I’d love to hear from you.
What did you think of the podcast? What’s your bio age? What does that insight inspire you to do?
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