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Food for Thought is a six-week programme that will change the way you think about food, diet and nutrition.

Based on the principles and practices of personalised nutrition and functional medicine, the programme teaches you what your body and brain need to thrive.

With lessons, practical materials and challenges each week, you will learn to incorporate new diet and lifestyle habits free of guilt and pressure.

This is not a diet or a diet plan! Too often diets focus on deprivation when actually more diversity and abundance is what we need from food (I will explain why but it´s all to do with your gut). Too often diets feel restrictive and come with a sense of guilt if we “break” them. This makes them hard to stick to and ultimately not helpful for our emotional health.

Through the Food for Thought Pyramid and diversity challenge (and other exercises and material) let me teach you how food can help your mental resilience, reduce anxiety, improve your energy and help to future proof your brain.

The focus is on the brain, but as you will soon see, this cannot really be separated from the gut (The gut/brain axis ). Much of the advice and learnings in the programme help improve our microbiome and digestive function. Therefore, people who have issues with their immune system, recovery from long-covid, inflammatory issues and energy may well find this course helps with that.

Many people join the programme because they have a family member with dementia or Alzheimers’ disease.  Or they are concerned about your risk factors for cognitive decline, maybe because they have done some genetic testing. I have studied with Dr Dale Bredesen, who is the author of the End of Alzheimer’s and creator of RECODE protocol. I build in principles of this through the Food for Thought programme, so participants feel a lot more knowledgeable and confident of how their lifestyle can help protect them from having completed the programme.

Week 1

How your brain works, what it needs from you to work optimally now and in future. You will complete your own personal health timeline, so you can start understanding how your own body and brain work.

Week 2

Introducing the Food for Thought food Pyramid: to help you learn the ideal brain diet, personalised to you.

Week 3

We focus on specific foods (e.g. phytonutrient dense vegetables, mushrooms,  sea vegetables) that have brain benefit. How to make a habit change sustainable and where the barriers can be.

Week 4

How fasting helps the brain and strategies to incorporate this into your week. Importance of sleep for the brain, plus strategies and tips to help improve your quality of sleep

Week 5

The blood-brain barrier. What it is and how to care for it. More on inflammation. How different types of exercise help your brain. Where supplements can help and how to use them to best effect.

Week 6

The 4-R approach to the gut/brain axis. We cover gluten this week as well as how and when to use a ketogenic diet (who I recommend it for and who I don’t!)

What some previous participants have said about Food for Thought:

“When I signed up for Angela’s ‘Feed Yourself Smarter’ Program, I thought “If I get one new healthy habit out of it, it will have been worth it”, but instead I now have at least dozen new ways to live a healthier life.” Nancy

“….. The course was extremely informative, well delivered each week, and the workbooks, in particular, were excellent as they gave all the detailed background to the gut/brain relationship (of which I was totally unaware) and there were so many hints and tips on how to adapt my diet and lifestyle. In particular, I would highlight, and recommend, the ‘food pyramid’ and the ‘diversity challenge’ as fundamental tools to a new way of life.” Fiona

“The program FFT was really an eyeopener for me. It is not a diet but another way of looking at food. My gut/brain is the most important connection of my body. Because of this programme I am so much more aware of what food is doing for me. 

It is much better now to feel my body react on sugar, carbs, meat and fermented food.  It made a massive change in my consciousness.  This hour a week on zoom with our little group made me feel connected with likewise people on the same path to eating consciously. We learned a lot from each other.” Marion


“My motivation behind Angela’s course was to create a more varied diet and to give my body and mind a reset. I am guilty of always putting the same items in my shopping basket and ordering similar choices in restaurants. What I now understand is that due to these habits I wasn’t creating the correct microbiome in my gut and therefore my general digestion was slow and sluggish. 

Angela’s programme encouraged me to let of go some strongly held beliefs including restricting carbohydrates and to eat a much more varied diet. I found the fasting element very helpful and have kept this in the forefront of my new regime. I realise the importance of giving the gut a rest as I was previously a bit of a grazer!  I found the programme easy to manage within my schedule through the weekly online sessions and workbook add ons. It was also really helpful to hear to thoughts ideas and opinions of others on the course.

Thank you, Angela, I found the course extremely helpful and most importantly have implemented this much healthier and more varied way of eating into my lifestyle giving me more energy vitality and freedom with what I eat. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to become more knowledgeable about diet and nutrition in a world which is increasing contradictory regarding what is and isn’t ‘good’ for you.” Sonia

I would love to help you find the same. The first programme for 2021 will start in March or April.  There are only spots for 10 people. If you are interested, let me know by signing up to the “I’m interested form” and you will be the first to hear about new dates

Your brain and body with thank you!

In health and happiness,

Ange X 

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