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Food that makes you feel happy

18 Sep 2020, Posted by Angela in FYS News, Uncategorized

I´ve had a challenging year, I think all of us have, and there have been times where I don’t mind admitting, the anxiety, fear and low mood have appeared. Most of the clients I speak to experience these symptoms. What is going on? Yes, it…

Falling in love with food that loves you back

21 Mar 2017, Posted by Angela in FYS News

I have just come back from a IFE an International Food trade show in London. Visiting the  “healthy & wellness” section highlighted one of my big complaint with parts of the health food market. Foods may be free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. But…

3 tips to nail your healthy eating resolutions

20 Jan 2017, Posted by Angela in FYS News

How are those New Years Resolutions going? Let me guess, you are going to get stronger, be leaner and feel healthier. You are going to be completely transformed by spring. And then, well life gets in the way and you fall back into your old…

Breakfast is Dead! Long live Breakfast!

10 Nov 2016, Posted by Angela in FYS News

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” That was a mantra I lived by for pretty much 45 years. For the last 12 years, as a nutritionist, I’ve gained a greater understanding of just why it is so important (stabilises blood sugar, fuel…

Eat Curiously and master the Diet Maze

09 Nov 2016, Posted by Angela in FYS News

• Are you confused about what to eat? • Do you worry about whether you are eating the right diet? • Are you trying to eat clean, adding olive oil because you’ve heard about the Mediterranean diet and then wondering about coconut oil because everyone…

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