Feed Yourself Smarter | 2022 February

February 2022


24 Feb 2022, Posted by Angela in FYS News

Do you worry about whether you are eating the “right” foods or if you are being “healthy enough”? Something I often notice when I talk to people about health and nutrition is the language we use and how we categorize food as “good” or “bad”….

The 4Ps of Biotics Explained

24 Feb 2022, Posted by Angela in FYS News

There are a few new kids on the block in the -biotics field, except, they aren’t really new. We just have a clearer understanding and appreciation of what they have always been doing. First a quick revision of the old favourites Probiotics: the “friendly” bacteria…


07 Feb 2022, Posted by Angela in FYS News

Fats are next up in my series on the core foundations to diet, the macronutrients. There was a time when fats were demonised “eating fat makes you fat” which has now been debunked. In recent years fats have been glorified and celebrated with the interest…


07 Feb 2022, Posted by Angela in FYS News

My brand-new podcast, Pioneers of Ageing, is LIVE! It is the podcast that celebrates a generation that is reinventing what it means to age. I co-host the podcast with a very dear friend Rebecca Rhodes who I´ve known since we were teenagers. The first episode is…

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