Feed Yourself Smarter | 2021 September

September 2021

Alzheimers Awareness Month

30 Sep 2021, Posted by Angela in FYS News

September is World Alzheimer’s month with Tuesday 21st being World Alzheimer’s awareness day. The UK Alzheimer’s Society promotes the awareness month because they want people to come together to demonstrate how we can overcome these issues.   Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. More…


30 Sep 2021, Posted by Angela in FYS News

Two years ago I had a bad accident, involving a horse. I was concussed and broke my collar bone in three places and three ribs. The fire of inflammation was critical to my healing and repair. So, if inflammation is doing such a good job,…


30 Sep 2021, Posted by Angela in FYS News

Here in Mallorca, like most of the Mediterranean, we are in a heatwave. It is seriously hot and when I step outside it feels like I’m in a sauna. Even walking my dog in the evening after the sun goes down is sweaty work. What…

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