Feed Yourself Smarter | Making Sense of Nutrition

Do you feel Guilty everytime
you’re Eating?


What is food if it doesn’t give pleasure?

Food has always been central to family life and our cultural rituals. Now, more than ever we need the emotional and physiological nourishment from good food. Yet I speak to people every day who feel guilty about what they eat, who worry that it isn’t ‘clean’ enough and feel confused about nutritious food and how to be healthy.

What is health if it’s not about feeling good?

Health is more than the absence of disease, it is about feeling full power.

So why all the confusion?

And why are we struggling to find the diet that gives us full power?  There is so much information freely available on nutrition and health, some of it is well based, some of it not. But we are all individuals and often good advice has a specific time and place.

With Feed Yourself Smarter I will help you make sense of this and help you work your way through the nutrition maze to find a way to eat that makes you feel good.

Take a peek through the pictures below for a taster of how I’ll help you do that.



Why should you listen to me

I am a fully qualified and experienced nutritional therapist with an MSc in Nutritional Medicine. Over the last 10 years I have worked with over 1000 people using a personalised approach to nutrition and health.

I specialised in Chronic Fatigue working at the award-winning Optimum Health Clinic. As part of the Tignum coaching team I deliver workshops and coaching in sustainable high performance to leaders all over the world. I have taught at BSc level and trained other practitioners on the use of functional laboratory testing.

I am passionate about empowering people to use nutritious food to feel healthy and full power. Feed Yourself Smarter was born out of a desire to share the knowledge and methods and insights I’ve honed over the years with more people. I hope you enjoy x




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